Quality Work through Dedication

We always need dedicated and God-loving people on our team. In each mission we learned new things through lived experiences and teamwork. If your heart beats for the Lord and you are ready to sacrifice your time in the work of God, join us and be part of this hand that is extended to the helpless. And in addition to all this, meet new people and a dynamic team with which you can make long-term friendships.

What a Member's Character Looks Like

What it means to be a member

There are basically two types of members. Regular members and extraordinary members. Regular members are those who personally participate in the activity of the association and pay a membership fee (10 € per month). Extraordinary members are those who take part in single short-term relief actions and other activities of the association, are there for moral support, also paying voluntary contributions and promotions, but who do not want to make a monthly contribution.

Support Through Spiritual Work

Human resources are a great need in God's work. The more people pray and put their shoulder to the work, the better the results.

Support Through Physical Involvement

Based on Luke 10: 2, which says, "Great is the harvest, but few are the workers! Pray, however, that the Lord of the harvest will bring forth workers in His harvest."

Support Through Financial Work

Our association is 100% dependent on donations. Through the membership fee you help us to have a continuity in projects.

Become a Member of the Helping Hands Team

Help us make a difference, make a difference in people’s lives and leave something behind.