Volunteers for good deeds

Get involved too!

The project – Volunteers in Good Deeds – is a helping hand extended to those with real physical and financial needs that require a greater emergency. This project offers the opportunity to volunteer on a team and help physically or be a financial blessing.
It is carried out both in the purchase of goods and in the completion of projects that have already begun but still need some resources (financial and physical) to complete.
Through this project we have managed with God’s help and the involvement of volunteers to help several families through:

🏠purchase of a car;
🏠helping to build a house (roof, interior, house furnishing, and a wood-fired power plant)
🏠drilling a well for a poor family
🏠equipping bunkhouses at a summer camp.

We are happy whenever we can to pitch in and help those who still need a little more so they can complete a project they have started.
We are confident that together we are fulfilling God’s purpose in our generation.